Exploring the Hidden World of Hostels: Unraveling Truths and Myths

Exploring the Hidden World of Hostels: Unraveling Truths and Myths


The word hostel often invokes images of youthful backpackers, dorm-style rooms, and budget-friendly travel stays, but it is often surrounded by a world of myths and misconceptions. Here we set out to unravel the truths and break those myths to provide a clearer picture of the hidden world of hostels.

Hostels: What Are They Exactly?


A hostel is a budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share common areas. They are primarily targeted towards budget-conscious travelers, particularly backpackers, looking to meet and interact with like-minded adventurers from all over the globe.

The Truths about Hostels

Social Hotspots


One indisputable truth about hostels is that they are social hotspots. They exist to bring together people of different cultures and backgrounds, encouraging social interaction and the sharing of experiences. Many hostels offer communal activities, including city tours, pub crawls, and shared meals, fostering a strong sense of community.



Hostels remain one of the most affordable accommodation options available. They offer a fantastic way to save money while traveling, particularly in more expensive destinations, yet still provide all the necessary amenities and security features you would expect from a good lodging establishment.

Debunking Hostel Myths

Hostels are Unsafe


This is perhaps the most pervasive myth about hostels. The reality is that hostels take their guests’ security very seriously. Most hostels offer lockers for securing valuables, and many also have 24-hour receptions and security staff to ensure guests’ safety.

All Hostels are the Same


Like any accommodation type, hostels vary greatly. Whether it’s a historical building in a quiet neighborhood or a modern, bustling building in the city center, each hostel has its unique style, vibe, and amenities. Some hostels may even offer private rooms, ensuite bathrooms, and host of other facilities.



The hidden world of hostels offers a lot more than meets the eye. They are safe, affordable, and sociable places where one can make lifelong friendships and incredible memories. It is crucial to do thorough research and read reviews before booking to find the hostel that best fits your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are hostels only for young people?


No, Hostels welcome travelers of all ages. While they are popular with younger travelers due to their affordability and sociable atmosphere, many hostels cater to a wide age range, and some even offer family rooms.

2. Are hostels clean and hygienic?


Like any accommodation option, cleanliness can vary. However, most reputable hostels take cleanliness very seriously and have housekeeping staff to keep the spaces clean and hygienic.

3. Can I book private rooms in hostels?


Yes, many hostels offer both private and dormitory-style rooms to cater to a wider range of traveler preferences.

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